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Impact of COVID on Atlantic Canada’s Airports

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Atlantic Airports are in a difficult position as our passengers (and revenues) have dropped significantly. We are anticipating an 80% -90% drop from March to June and a 50-70% drop in passengers for all of 2020. This will have a substantial impact on cash flow and future financial viability of our regions airports with a severe trickle-down effect to our respective communities.

Full-year estimates show a decrease in traffic of between 50-70 per cent, or more than 4.2 million passenger movements for the region. As of today, industry officials estimate that operational revenue loss for Atlantic Canada’s airports could be between $92 and $118 million in 2020 due to COVID-19. The region’s airports are urging the federal government to provide relief for cash flow for airports as part of the nation’s overall economic recovery. [Read More…]

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NL Airports Essential but Post-Covid Future Uncertain

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What strange days we face right now. A time of the year normally marked with bustling terminals filled with sun seekers, snowbirds and business travelers is instead marked by vacant gates and empty parking lots. Air carriers servicing Newfoundland and Labrador are cancelling routes, operating revenue is steadily declining, and no one is quite sure what tomorrow will bring for the aviation sector and the communities our airports serve.

As residents of this rugged and beautiful province, we are no strangers to weathering a good blow. But the likes of this storm have never been seen before, it’s been challenging to predict how this will end and what recovery will look like. [Read More…]

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