SDIA Infrastructure Revitalization Plan

Photo Credits: Drew Kennedy

In a significant step towards fostering sustainable aviation services and contributing to regional prosperity, The Dymond Group Inc., led by CEO Mr. Carl Dymond, announces the launch of a comprehensive infrastructure revitalization plan for the Stephenville Dymond International Airport (SDIA).

Over the past six months, SDIA, with the support of The Dymond Group, has been diligently crafting a strategic development plan aimed at rejuvenating the airport and its infrastructure. The primary objective is to ensure the return of a sustainable and robust airport service, an airport that serves the needs of travellers of any ability, with a terminal focusing on universal design and one that meets the evolving needs of the surrounding community and the province at large.

Construction crew working on the Airport Lighting Rehabilitation Project at the Stephenville Dymond International Airport.

While management and staff are normalizing operations, the development planning continues methodically and meticulously to address the aging infrastructure of the airport. The upcoming construction season will mark the initiation of the next phase of upgrades, with the ambitious goal of reinstating regular domestic flights before the end of 2024.

“Although we still have a lot of work to do, our vision is to transform SDIA back into a world-class aviation hub that not only connects people and places but also stands as a beacon of sustainability. We aim to provide Newfoundlanders and Labradorians with the opportunity to stay, play, work and grow in the communities they call home, fostering economic growth for years to come.” said Mr. Carl Dymond, CEO of The Dymond Group Inc.

The Dymond Group envisions the airport as more than just a transportation hub. The goal is to set new standards in aviation services, prioritizing environmental responsibility and positioning SDIA, as well as its adjacent communities, as critical contributors in promoting sustainable growth for the region.

“We aspire to create an airport that not only meets the highest standards of excellence in aviation services but also serves as a place where people will enjoy spending time whether traveling for business or pleasure. An airport that is actively contributing to the economic and environmental well-being of the region.” added Mr. Dymond.

The strategic revitalization plan aligns with The Dymond Group’s commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community development. As the project progresses, The Dymond Group and SDIA look forward to continuing to engage with the community, stakeholders, and partners to ensure that the revitalization efforts contribute positively overall.

Carl Dymond, CEO of The Dymond Group Inc. (left) with Lew Short, CEO of the Stephenville Dymond International Airport (right).

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