The Friendly Invasion 2016

boothStephenville – home to the former Ernest Harmon Air Force Base from 1941 to 1966. Prior to the establishment of Ernest AFB, Stephenville was primarily a French speaking farming village with a population of 500 and by 1942 it had grown into a garrison town with an estimated population of 7,000. It was a Friendly Invasion. The influx of a diverse group of people had such a profound impact on the community.   People now had access to good jobs, diverse styles of musical entertainment, famous people, as well as recreational and other facilities.

As time passes, memories fade and heritage is lost.  During the 25 years that Harmon AFB existed there were many friendships and bonds developed between Stephenville and our American friends. As a means of preserving our heritage The Friendly Invasion 2016 was born.

We invite you to celebrate with us from July 26 to August 07, 2016.   While you’re here, take the time to stroll along Stephenville’s Heritage Trail and join in the many activities that have been organized for you. If you’re new to Stephenville – a hearty welcome; if you’re a former resident – welcome home.


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